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The  Zambian (IP) Border Crossing Company (“ZipBCC”) is a duly registered Company in Zambia, established in terms of a Concession Agreement signed between the Government of Zambia and ZipBCC, relating to the Design, Build, Operate and Transfer ("DBOT") of the Kasumbalesa border post project.

This Private Public Partnership ("PPP")/DBOT project was fully financed by ZipBCC. In fact, the project was implemented at no cost, to the Government, while ZipBCC undertook all of the financial and operational risks involved with the project.

Designing the project

The previous conditions of the border crossing included: poor and inadequate border facilities; narrow/damaged roads amongst other operational challenges. These conditions led to substantial queues, at the border crossing, resulting in long crossing times.


Designing of a border cross is much more than designing buildings and parking areas, the design must take into account the unique requirements for operations in a border controlled environment such as: Traffic separation, clearing process, immigration process, abnormal traffic, parking yard requirements and much more.

The Design phase included not only infrastructure design, but also operational process, operational methods computerized systems with designated automated sensors and much more all aimed to ensure smooth flow of traffic within the facility.


The ZipBCC team of experts with vast experience and knowledge in design of border operations actively engaged the various stakeholders in dedicated workshops to address current and future challenges of this dynamic ever growing border cross.


The new design of the border took into consideration harmonization of the border facilities, on both sides of the Kasumbalesa border (Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo "DRC"), towards the implementation of the long awaited “One Stop Border” approach.

With the ZipBCC design in place the project was ready to proceed into the “build” phase.



The ZipBCC team successfully completed the build phase of the project in less than 1 year. Heavy machinery and hundreds of workers were involved in the build phase of the project. ZipBCC engaged local suppliers from around the area as well as international suppliers and provided all logistical co-ordination for the execution of the project.

ZipBCC commenced operation on 04th March 2011, with the opening ceremony that took place at the Kasumbalesa border crossing, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Zambia.



ZipBCC has been maintaining the border since commencement of operation on 04th March 2011.

ZipBCC employs well over 100 permanent employees for maintaining the border facilities, to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and operate the IT systems implemented by ZipBCC.



Our Vision is to provide the most efficient one-stop state-of-the-art border crossing facilities throughout the region, contributing towards establishing Africa as a competitive environment for international trade and investment.

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