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Combining our unique expertise and experience to provide
end-to-end border solution which includes:

  • Border Processes 

  • Border Technologies

  • Training of Border Staff

in order to deliver optimized Border Operations


Technologies to improve border crossing
  • Highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art system for the purpose of traffic control.
  • Automated entry/exit lanes including license plate recognition technology, and automated axle counting technology.
  • Fully automated Control Room to monitor the smooth flow of traffic in the terminal.
  • Advanced point-of-sale (POS) computerized cash machines.
  • CCTV cameras cover internal and external areas, including the ability to rotate and zoom.
  • Public Announcement system.
End-to-End Border Solution Diagram
Border Process
By implementing a standardized process, tested over many years of operations we allow better fee collection and traffic flow in the border crossing point.
Border Technologies
Smart sensors, CCTV and unique Software aimed to automate the process of the border crossing.
Our solution provides a comprehensive end to end solution while tracking the movement of traffic from the border entry point to the border exit point to ensure collection of the relevant fees.
Trained Border Staff
Trained Staff is a key to any successful operations, we invest in making sure each role is well defined as per our unique procedures and methodology. From training on the software to maintaining the border post facility.
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